Nation doesn't see Seahawks repeat

SEATTLE – Apparently, it’s the 12s against the world, or least all the rest of America.

ESPN SportsNation created a poll asking if the Seahawks will repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Washington was the only state where the majority of voters said yes, with 73 percent of voters in the team’s home state predicting another Super Bowl victory.

Everywhere else was a big, fat no, with 83 percent overall saying the Seahawks can’t pull off the first back-to-back Super Bowl victory in 10 years.

The three other states in the NFC West were near the overall percentage – Missouri (St. Louis Rams) was 86 percent no, Arizona (Cardinals) was 85 percent and California (San Francisco 49ers) was 82 percent no.

In Colorado, 90 percent of the voters think the Seahawks won't repeat, many of whom probably believing the Denver Broncos will make up for the 43-8 Super Bowl whipping they took from the Seahawks.

And what about the state of the Green Bay Packers, the season-opening opponent for the Seahawks Thursday night? A whopping 93 percent of the Wisconsin voters think the Seahawks will fail to win the Super Bowl this season.