Mailbag: Debating Seattle's corners

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Mike from Yakima writes: Hey Mike, I asked about [Seahawks CB Marcus] Trufant earlier in the week and described an argument between my friend and me [as to whether Trufant was better than teammate Kelly Jennings]. I thank you for your comments and thought you might be interested in my friend's response:

Mike hasn't been keeping a watch on the Seahawks as closely as you might think. He left the News Tribune to cover the rest of the NFL last year, so it's not like he had his attention nearly as exclusively on the Seahawks that he did before, so I don't think he is able to give as educated an opinion as he usually does. I usually like what Sando has to say and I do agree with it more often than not, but this time, I completely disagree. What Sando neglects to mention is that Trufant already had a pretty good pass rush BEFORE last year (See: 2005 and 2006), when he broke out, so his basis for that opinion on that is null and void, because if that were the case, Trufant should have blossomed then. No, what's really helped Trufant the most last year is that he is the beneficiary of a stronger and more reliable safety tandem, and the fact that he was placed back on the left side, where he's clearly more comfortable. Sando should have made mention of that, as he actually reported those two facts himself when he was still covering the Seahawks. Kelly Jennings is consistent from either side, and is already ahead of Trufant at this stage in their careers. Also, I repeat myself, he is tighter in coverage than Trufant is. More interesting, is that Sando gave no basis for that opinion, something that he typically does when he offers an opinion. My opinion has not changed: Jennings > Trufant.

Mike Sando: It's always a bummer to have one's points rendered not only null, but also void, with the dreaded greater-than sign thrown in as the knockout punch. I'm no football coach, but I did watch every Seahawks game last season. If I think of it, I'll run this debate past a personnel guy or two the next time I have an opportunity.

The improved safety play was a factor and a well-documented one. Jennings also benefited from it. Overall, Trufant is a bigger, more talented corner, and he made more big plays last season. If both players were free agents right now, which would command more money on the market? I think we all know the answer to that question, which is no knock on Jennings. He's a good player, but Trufant was the one in the Pro Bowl last season.