2010 NFC West opponents nearly set

Looking ahead

The chart shows NFC West opponents for 2010, as determined by an NFL scheduling formula using divisional order of finish to determine two opponents per team. For each NFC West team in 2010, those two games are against teams from the NFC East and NFC North. Order of finish is nearly set in the NFC West and set in the NFC North. The top three spots in the NFC East remain undetermined. The Rams already know their 2010 opponents.

Note: The 49ers appear likely to finish second in the NFC West, although Seattle could still overtake them. If the 49ers finish second, they would draw the Packers on the road, with the Seahawks visiting the Bears. Also, thanks to feedback, I am checking on 2010 venues for Seahawks-Broncos and Seahawks-Chargers. They appear here as the NFL has listed them in its latest Record &amp; Fact Book. I will update if the league listed them incorrectly.

Update: The listings for the Seahawks are indeed correct. Scheduling rotations do not revert exactly to 2002. I'm told the schedule evens out over 12 years, not eight years, because three divisions are rotating.