Chat wrap: Warner, Avery, Hasselbeck and more

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Thanks for dropping by the chat. Heart-felt apologies accepted from those who had better things to do. Full transcript here. Highlights as determined by me:

Burwell (Addison, PA): should the Cards give Warner a new deal after the season? he's been playing like a Pro Bowler, but giving an injury-prone 38 year old QB a big deal scares me. Any chance that some sort of cap-friendly deal can be reached?

Mike Sando: Yes, the Cardinals should keep Warner. But they must structure the deal to protect themselves from what you are talking about. They can't give him a Tony Romo deal or a Marc Bulger deal. They need to give him something shorter-term and incentive-based.

steve (issaquah, wa): Mike, During last years draft I heard Donnie Avery was the biggest reach of the entire draft and he is having a good year so far...did they know something we didn't or did they get lucky, is he having the biggest impact of any rookie in the NFC West so far? thanks!

Mike Sando: It's a credit to the Rams and Avery that Avery is doing this well. The "reach" criticisms seemed fair based on how raw Avery seemed to be. Also, quite a few "speed" receivers have never panned out. I give credit to Al Saunders for being flexible enough within the offense to tailor routes for Avery. Saunders has simplified some things and Avery is responding. I do think the Rams need to have a running game for Avery to sustain that big-play production against most teams.

Liam (Houston): Looking at the Niners schedule, I don't see them doing much better than 4-12. That won't cut it for Singletary. Who do you see as HC candidates? Is Carol realistic? Offensive or defensive minded?

Mike Sando: If the team makes a change for next season, I think we need to ask ourselves how the organization can head off the problems that doomed them under Mike Nolan. Turnover at offensive coordinator was huge. Mishandling of the quarterback was huge. If I'm the 49ers, I go for an offensive-minded head coach who calls the plays. That way it's not such a big deal if the offensive coordinator leaves to become a head coach, the way McCarthy and Turner did. I would also want a head coach with some credibility in the league. The guy I'm describing sounds a lot like Mike Holmgren, I know, but that wasn't the intention.

Matt (WI): I see Hasselbeck is slated to return in Week 11. Do you see him being effective at all the rest of the way?

Mike Sando: I'll believe it when I see it. Mike Holmgren thought Hasselbeck would return a couple weeks ago. I don't see any reason to assume Hasselbeck will hit the timetable this time. And I do not think he'll hit the ground running at peak efficiency. I don't see him being entirely comfortable.

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