Possible scenarios for Hasselbeck

The uncertainty surrounding the Seahawks calls into question the future of key players, including quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, whose contract runs one more season.

Three possible scenarios and their implications:



1. Hasselbeck returns as the starter. The team could draft a quarterback, but Hasselbeck would return under his current contract or after signing a short-term extension. The team would focus on upgrading the offensive line and the situation at running back. Hasselbeck would provide leadership and stability at a key position. Perhaps he would bounce back from this season and lead the Seahawks back to competitiveness.

2. Seattle trades Hasselbeck. The Browns might be a natural fit now that Mike Holmgren has agreed to become their top personnel man. The Seahawks could try to get a high enough draft choice in return to address a key position, possibly running back. Holmgren would be getting the perfect person to help install the only offense he knows. This scenario could make sense if the Seahawks decided to change their offensive scheme or start over.

3. Seattle releases Hasselbeck. The team would probably have to pursue a journeyman at a lower price tag. This move wouldn't make much sense given that Hasselbeck's contract isn't prohibitive by quarterback standards. Sure, Hasselbeck has suffered through a tough stretch lately, but the team should value his contributions enough to list this option only as a last resort.