Roided-out NFC West rosters: Week 10

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams certainly hope the latest roided-out rosters, available for download here, never look this way again. Kenneth Darby is listed as their starting running back.

The Rams and Seahawks are among five NFL teams carrying more than five running backs on their 53-man rosters. Each has six. No team has more.

Loading up at one position means triming at another. The Rams and Seahawks are carrying five wide receivers, below the league average (5.7). Seattle is also carrying only eight defensive backs. The league average is 9.5. That concession helps the Seahawks carry a second kicker, which is probably a subject for another blog entry.

Note: I've updated the rosters to reflect a move the 49ers made Saturday. Updatted file here.