Seahawks tough to beat -- on the radio

Coach Jim Mora has questioned the Seahawks' toughness on a football field.

No one can question their toughness on the radio after receivers T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Nate Burleson and Deion Branch roughed up retired NFL quarterback Hugh Millen, a Seattle radio personality, during a combative exchange on the radio. I'm surprised an NFL referee didn't flag them for roughing the former passer.

KJR has the audio here. Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times transcribed much of it.

The predicament Millen found himself speaks to the difficulties associated with analyzing coverages. If the quarterbacks on the field misread coverages -- and they do -- how can the rest of us ever know precisely what was happening? Millen would know better than most because he played quarterback in the NFL and Mora happens to be his close friend and former college roommate, but Seattle's top three receivers weren't hearing any of it.

Branch went on to make some comments about the Super Bowl rings he won with New England.

"Hey, I've been a part of two Super Bowls," Branch said. "Nobody on this football team has been a part of it, period. No coach. Nobody. I have. I've won two of them. The bottom line is are we winning? No. Do we have a good team, yes? To Hugh Millen and Ian Furness. We have a good football team. Are we talented? Yes. Are we playing good? No. We're not playing good football, no we're not. We're not executing plays."

The "no coach" comment caught my attention. These are frustrating times for the Seahawks. I can't fault players for taking criticism personally sometimes and wanting to fire back.

In the end, though, the Seahawks are still a 5-10 football team without much reason for optimism right now. You know it's a lost season when a spat with Hugh Millen on the radio proves more entertaining than the product on the field.