Gridiron Challenge: Rodgers' fantasy value

High score: Week 16

insipidrabbit scored 159 points, the highest total among more than 2,000 NFC West Gridiron Challenge entrants.

Aaron Rodgers might not know how much he'll play against the Cardinals in Week 17.

That makes it tough for those of us facing decisions in fantasy leagues. Rodgers' value stands at $8.1 million in the NFC West Gridiron Challenge. I've got him locked in at $7.1 million, but if Rodgers isn't going to play much Sunday, that money could wind up better spent on another quarterback.

But if you're already carrying other players at below market prices, savings realized through a cheaper quarterback might not buy talent upgrades elsewhere.

For example, I could free up $600,000 by replacing Rodgers with Jay Cutler, who faces the Lions. Problem is, every other non-quarterback on my roster is worth at least $300,000 more than I paid for him. At running back, for example, I've got Beanie Wells at $600,000 under market value. Using the $600,000 in savings at quarterback would be just enough to sign a player worth exactly what Wells is already worth on the market.

ESPN's fantasy experts rank Rodgers eighth among quarterback values for Week 17. After collecting 26 points from the 49ers' defense against Detroit in Week 16, I picked up the next defense on the Lions' schedule -- Chicago's -- and applied the savings to replace Rodgers with Matt Schaub, ESPN's top-ranked starting quarterback this week.

If all goes to play, I'll jump past Crabtree's Folly, among others right ahead of me in the standings.

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