Where they rank on offense: 2009

NFC West teams produced the top-ranked offense in the red zone (Cardinals) and the last-ranked offense in points per game (Rams).

The first chart shows where NFC West teams ranked in eight offensive categories: yards per game, yards rushing per game, yards passing per game, sacks allowed per attempt, first downs per game, third-down conversion rate, red zone touchdown percentage and points per game.

The second chart shows changes from last season, calculated by subtracting raw 2008 totals from 2009 totals.

The Seahawks' scoring went down, even though they gained 42.7 yards per game. The Cardinals gained 19.8 yards rushing per game while losing 41.1 yards passing per game. The 49ers averaged 20.3 fewer yards per game, but their touchdown percentage in the red zone improved. The Rams lost 3.6 points per game, most in the division.

Offensive team ranks: 2009

Offensive team stats: Change from 2008