No shortage of blame in 49ers' ending

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

NFL officiating director Mike Pereira might need a two-hour show to cover all the confusion stemming from the 49ers-Cardinals game Monday night. The 49ers thought referee Tony Corrente should have explained the change in field position before the 49ers' failed handoff to Michael Robinson from the 2-yard-line as time expired.

The 49ers called the play based on the assumption that the ball would be closer to the 1. Officials changed the spot following a replay review. Quarterback Shaun Hill still had time to spike the ball, which would have bought time to call a new play. A more experienced quarterback might have done just that. Hill ran the play as called. On the other hand, Hill was busy trying to communicate with teammates. He might not have had time to make that decision based on his experience level. And he certainly didn't want to risk a procedural penalty.

San Francisco offensive coordinator Mike Martz said he didn't know about the change in field position until Tuesday. He found out from former coach Mike Nolan, who noticed watching on TV.

NFL sidelines are hectic places. The 49ers' inexperience in key positions, notably quarterback and head coach, probably did not help them handle the situation. Martz might have a point about the non-communication from officials. There's enough blame to go around on this one.