Hasselbeck: 'I like our coaching staff'

Matt Hasselbeck's interview with 710ESPN Seattle is worth a listen for Seahawks fans.

He was either taking the high road or was genuine in his support for the team's coaching staff after a 5-11 season. Sometimes it takes a while for players to do things to a new staff's liking, he said. Hasselbeck said some of the same things happened when he came from Green Bay to Seattle and initially resisted how the Seahawks approached specific plays, to cite one example.

The audio is here. I'll provide an excerpt below as transcribed by sportsradiointerviews.com:

"I do like our coaching staff, I like them a lot. I don’t think that…they’re human, I’m sure there are some things that they will be hard on themselves about; critique themselves; self-scout as they call it. But for me, I really don't think that that was our problem at all. I think we’ve got a great group of guys, an experienced group of guys that yet at the same time, have got energy and all that kind of stuff. And I really think each guy in the locker room would say, if asked, 'Hey, do you respect your coach?' 'Yes, I respect my coach.' Was it easy or fun to play for your coach this year? 'Well, not really, he rode me pretty hard and made it uncomfortable for me.' And that’s OK. As long as you respect your coach and are learning from your coach, and he makes it uncomfortable, then that’s OK. And I see all of those things and also I think we’re starting to get it. We’re starting to get it and really grow with them, so it would be unfortunate if anything changed."

The Seahawks have yet to make any staff changes. Those could happen at any time, particularly once the team settles on a general manager. I wondered if the suddenly available Jim Zorn might fit in some capacity. Conventional wisdom says Zorn will end up with Mike Holmgren in Cleveland, but his Seattle roots run deep.