Rams a long way from backbiting days

For the Rams, the sequence 3-2-1 represents diminishing victory totals as their record has fallen from 3-13 to 2-14 to 1-15 over the past three seasons

"Is 0-16 coming next?" calidodger asked in the comments section of this item.

No matter how far the Rams fall, they appear determined to do it together. The infighting and backbiting that marked previous Rams regimes became a fading memory in 2009.

The bad old days came back to life this week after former Rams executive Charley Armey blatantly blasted former coach Mike Martz in an apparent attempt to kill Martz's chances at reuniting with Lovie Smith in Chicago. Martz fired back during this interview with 101ESPN St. Louis.

Having a unified organization does not guarantee positive results. Disunity and backbiting can all but guarantee long-term failure, however.