Whisenhunt third-ranked coach in playoffs

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt must have a powerful brain.

Even with burly Packers coach Mike McCarthy allegedly taking up residence deep inside Whisenhunt's cranium, the Cardinals' coach still had the wherewithal to command a No. 3 ranking among the 12 playoff coaches in recently published postseason ratings from Scouts. Inc.

McCarthy finished 10th, two spots ahead of the other NFC North playoff coach, Brad Childress.

"Arizona's Ken Whisenhunt doesn't get a lot of credit," Scouts Inc.'s Jeremy Green wrote, "but don't discount his postseason résumé. He is 3-1 in the postseason and gained a lot of experience last season as the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl."

Whisenhunt is an Eagle Scout who graduated from Georgia Tech with an engineering degree and started 43 games in the NFL.

McCarthy might not be those things, but he could be on the rise.

"Who could be the Cinderella coach this season? Don't discount the Packers' Mike McCarthy, who has made great strides as a game-day coach this season," Green wrote.

As for Childress?

"You had better believe that Vikings coach Brad Childress will be under the microscope this postseason," Green wrote. "In an unprecedented move, he gave his team the first week of the postseason off because they have a bye week. This is done in the regular season at times, but I can't remember a team doing it in the postseason."