One quick thought per NFC West team

One thought per NFC West team now that I'm back home from the Packers-Cardinals game ...

  • Arizona: Neil Rackers' missed field goal, Larry Fitzgerald's lost fumble and Fitzgerald's botched timeout would be very big stories right now if the Cardinals had lost the game. Victories provide good cover for teaching moments in the NFL. Arizona should emerge wiser from this one.

  • Seattle: The Seahawks plan to introduce new coach Pete Carroll at a news conference Tuesday. CEO Tod Leiweke has some reassuring to do, I think, after recent organizational stumbles. Leiweke has to account for the failed Mike Holmgren courtship and Jim Mora's firing. News that the team made a run at Tony Dungy will also draw interest even though Dungy's hiring was a long shot at best.

  • San Francisco: Joe Flacco's 34-yard passing performance for Baltimore was enough to beat the Patriots in the wild-card round, but this is still increasingly a quarterback's league. The 49ers know this and that is one reason they have not committed to Alex Smith unconditionally.

  • St. Louis: The NFL draft begins 100 days from Tuesday. I suspect the Rams will have a new starting quarterback by then, probably the best veteran they can find.