Whisenhunt: Wilson's hit was clean

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck thought the NFL should punish Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson for a helmet-to-helmet hit. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt disagreed after reviewing broadcast and internal league copies of the video.

Whisenhunt: "I read where Matt Hasselbeck thought there should be some fines involved. I looked at it from the coach's tape. I looked at it from our broadcast department which has an excellent view of it and with all due respect to Matt -- he is a good quarterback, I have a lot of respect for him -- but I don't see it.

"I know he hasn't played in a while. He hasn't been hit in a while so maybe that was a little magnified to him in yesterday's game. Maybe the speed he just wasn't use to it and I know he played four tough quarters in a physical football game, but ultimately neither Matt nor I have a say in what's going to go on. Adrian did exactly what the league asked him to do after that, and that was he didn't lead with his head. He tried to cradle the quarterback coming down, he didn't fall on him. So I don't see any way -- once again, it is not my call -- but I don't see any way where there should be any ramifications from that."

It's no shock when hyper-competitive people with vested interests in situations view those situations differently. Hasselbeck, upset following a tough loss, cried foul. Whisenhunt, hoping to have his best defensive player available for a huge game against the Giants, saw absolutely nothing wrong with his player's tactics.

The truth generally lies somewhere in between. I thought Wilson's facemask struck the side of Hasselbeck's helmet. I did not think this looked like a dirty play.

I also think this is officially a rivalry now that Arizona has won in Seattle. The comments from Hasselbeck and Whisenhunt add a little bite to it.