Warner, Brady and the Hall of Fame

NEW ORLEANS -- If you're a Cardinals fan and the least bit superstitious, you'll want to keep the Kurt Warner Hall of Fame conversation from getting ahead of itself.

Too much talk could doom him to a poor performance Saturday.

I did want to pass along a link to Bill Barnwell's Insider piece promoting Warner as a better playoff quarterback than Tom Brady.

"It's not Brady who raises his game in the playoffs, since his quarterback rating falls from a regular-season mark of 93.3 to 85.5; it's Warner, who goes from a regular-season quarterback rating of 93.7 to a playoff figure of 104.6," Barnwell writes. "So then, what's the case for picking Brady? Some would say his playoff record; Brady is 14-4 (.778 winning percentage), while Warner is 9-3 (.750); that's less than a difference of one win every two seasons. Furthermore, Sunday proved what an absurd proposition basing quarterback value on playoff wins and losses is. Did Joe Flacco really play better than Aaron Rodgers?"

It's a provocative perspective.

I also wanted to balance the common Warner criticism suggesting he has benefited disproportionately from playing with great receivers.

What have those receivers won without Warner as their quarterback? Not much.

I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll have this conversation.