Party time outside the Superdome

NEW ORLEANS -- Delirious Saints fans chanted lyrics to their "Who dat?" anthem for blocks and blocks outside the Superdome.

I started out at the Cardinals' team hotel, where perhaps 15 people wearing No. 58 Cardinals jerseys were readily identifiable as linebacker Karlos Dansby's friends and family. Sightings of Cardinals fans became scarce as I made my way toward the Superdome. After leaving the Dansby contingent, I might have seen fewer than 10 people wearing Cardinals jerseys from a group featuring thousands in Saints colors.

Fans punctuated their "Who dat?" chants with references to "Cardinals gumbo" while others grabbed cold beers from vendors manning ice chests along sidewalks. The scene is unlike anything else around the NFL. New Orleans is just different.

It feels like Super Bowl week and probably still will even if the Saints lose this game.

Why let a football game get in the way of a good party?