Apology suggests Hasselbeck was out of it

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Matt Hasselbeck's apology to the Cardinals strongly indicates he was "out of it" when he accused Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson of dirty play Sunday night.

I say this because Hasselbeck has never had a problem accusing an opponent of dirty play when he thought the play fell into that category. He did this in accusing the Vikings' E.J. Henderson of rolling into his knee unnecessarily a couple years ago.

The way Hasselbeck handled the situation with Henderson -- repeatedly pointing to it as a dirty play over a period of months -- suggests he would likely stand by his comments about Wilson if he felt strongly about what he said Sunday night.

It's impossible to say exactly why Hasselbeck seemed so out of it after the game when he didn't suffer a concussion. He did appear to suffer from exhaustion in his first game back from injury.

The shot he took from Wilson happened early in the game. Hasselbeck played well for stretches after that play. I don't think that play had a lingering effect. I did think his play fell off after he took a hit on a scramble near the goal line. Later, Wilson hit him hard from behind, and Hasselbeck's jaw area struck the back of an offensive lineman's leg.

This was just a tough game for Hasselbeck all the way around. He felt bad about his inability to finish strong and he felt bad for questioning Wilson's tactics. I'm thinking Week 12 can't come quickly enough for No. 8.