Rams fan: Time to appreciate Warner

Rams fan Nicholas writes via Facebook: All Cardinals fans better appreciate the kind of player and person Kurt Warner is, because you will sorely miss him when he is gone.

Mike Sando: Amen to that, Nicholas. It's tough to call Warner unappreciated when he's earning more than $10 million a year, but it's also difficult to believe he wasn't even the starter heading into the 2008 exhibition season.

The rest of the NFC West appreciates Warner. This division is the Cardinals' to lose until the minute Warner walks away.

I've thought Warner would probably return in 2010 because it's tough to walk away from such a good thing. Warner spoke in terms of a two-year commitment upon signing his current deal in March 2009. A reporter had asked Warner about the free-agent visit Warner paid to the 49ers. Mike Singletary had been speaking to Warner about his vision for the 49ers when Warner realized he had the same hopes for the Cardinals.

"It was God basically telling me, 'That is exactly what I want you to do in Arizona,'" Warner said then. "Try to continue to impact that organization the same way that Coach Singletary was talking about impacting the 49ers. That is what I want to do is help impact this organization way beyond the football field. I am excited to have two more years to try and do that."

Two more years being 2009 and 2010.

Warner will never have another opportunity like the one that awaits next season. Once he's out of the game for a year, he'll be too far gone to reconsider his decision. This is probably the only time for the rest of his life that he'll have one good season left.

What would Michael Jordan give to average 30 points per game for one more season?

I think Warner would have a hard time sitting home during the 2010 season while the Cardinals struggled and he still had something left to offer. Not that the rest of the division would mind.