Gridiron Challenge: Championship push

Brett Favre, Reggie Bush and Sidney Rice were big fantasy stars in the divisional playoff round.

None of them suited up for my team in the NFC West Gridiron Challenge, explaining an 83-point scoring drop from the wild-card round. Goodbye, any chances of contending.

If you've got a Gridiron Challenge playoff team in another ESPN.com league, feel free to join the NFC West version. Our new leader, Beattie27, joined while I was building this entry and after I'd put together the leaderboard. I would update, but it's likely there will be additional changes.

Reconfiguring lineups for the championship round presented a few challenges. I finally found a combination that seemed OK, but if you're not among the leaders after the divisional round, it'll be tough to make up significant ground in the short time remaining.

High score: Divisional round

Sidestreet Blues scored 157 points, tied for the highest total among the roughly 1,900 NFC West Gridiron Challenge playoff entrants.

NFC West Gridiron Challenge