Zorn: Museum curator or NFL coach?

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Jim Zorn, museum curator? Some of us probably thought he had a better chance at that type of job than landing as the Redskins' head coach this season. Not even Zorn could have known the Redskins were thinking that way.

As for the curating bit, Zorn apparently had options beyond football when a career-matching company helped him settle on a line of work following his playing days. Museum curator, occupational therapist and coach were among the recommendations. Zorn wound up taking an assistant-coaching job at Boise State before working his way through the NFL ranks with Detroit, Seattle and Washington.

Zorn on the curating recommendation: "Is that odd or what? The interesting thing about it is, a museum curator is a very specialized person because you have to view the piece, you have to make sure that the piece you're setting out is viewed in the right way, expressed in the right way, and each piece has to fit in with the gallery itself, and in the museum itself. So there's a lot to it. And there's a lot of detail work in that arena. I laughed when I first saw it, and then I started looking into what that was, and I had some tendencies kind of like that. But there's probably not enough action for me in that kind of a job."

On the football front, Zorn said fellow former Seahawk Shaun Alexander still thinks he could produce at a high level for the Redskins if given the chance. Zorn also pointed to the Redskins' upset loss to the 0-4 Rams as evidence that Seattle could be dangerous Sunday despite a 2-8 record this season.

Zorn has always been direct and forthright in the way he answers questions. He exercised discretion when asked whether he wanted to become head coach or coordinator in Seattle, offering a diplomatic answer. Wise move.