Warner: Cardinals still must earn respect

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The opponents change, but Kurt Warner gets the same questions week after week. Yes, he knew he could still play at this level. Yes, he sees similarities between the Cardinals' offense and the one he ran in St. Louis. Etcetera.

One of the questions reporters covering the Giants asked this week took a different tack. They wanted to know if Warner thought the Cardinals needed to beat a team such as the Giants to enhance their credibility. Or had Arizona done enough at 7-3?

Warner: "No, I think we are a long ways from getting credibility out here in Arizona. I think for so long we haven't had success and we haven't played good football. I think a win against a team like the Giants would obviously give us more credibility. I still think we have a long ways to go.

"And I think that comes from consistency and doing it year in and year out and game in and game out. And we are not there yet. And so I don't expect anybody to give us anything. You want to be a team that has to earn it. And I think we still have to earn it. I think we are gaining a little bit bit-by-bit; little pieces here and there, which is obviously good for our team and organization."

Warner also compared the Giants' defense to the one he faced at Carolina in that both can get pressure with their front four, and both have quality players in the secondary with ample speed at linebacker. Warner completed 35 of 49 passes for 381 yards during a 27-23 defeat to the Panthers. He had two touchdowns, one interception and a 99.1 rating.