GM profiling: Quick look at Schneider

New Seahawks general manager John Schneider brings personnel values consistent with those of mentors such as Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson.

My efforts to profile GMs produce charts such as the one below.

The chart shows how many players at each position Schneider's teams have drafted by round. Schneider wasn't the ultimate personnel authority while working for the Packers (1993-1996, 2002-2009), Chiefs (1997-1999), Seahawks (2000) and Redskins (2001). But the values he learned while working for those teams will influence the Seahawks' approach to the draft, even if coach Pete Carroll has greater authority.

The chart begs for elaboration. Schneider's teams have drafted five offensive linemen in first rounds, for example, but none since his Seahawks selected Chris McIntosh in 2000. Carroll will presumably want to address left tackle and other issues on the line, but how early?

If new Seahawks line coach Alex Gibbs has pushed his teams to draft linemen in the first round, and I'm not saying he has, it hasn't worked very often. Duane Brown, drafted by Houston in 2007, and George Foster (Denver, 2003) stand as the only offensive lineman Gibbs' teams have selected in first rounds since he broke into the NFL with Denver in 1984.

Of course, we could also phrase this another way: Gibbs' teams have used first-round choices for offensive tackles twice in the last seven drafts.

I'll make available for download this Excel file featuring information on every player Schneider's teams have drafted since 1993. This file will open to a pivot table with instructions for how to analyze the information. Note that a second sheet within the workbook lists all the players in question.

I'll study this more closely as the draft approaches, while preparing similar files for other teams. Please share your findings as well. Together we can provide context for how teams make decisions.

GM profiling: John Schneider's teams, 1993-2009