How to trick a coach into a fake field goal

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

From Drew Bennett's humbling first autograph session to Matt Hasselbeck's plot to talk the head coach into a fake field goal, the NFL's Super Ad campaign will probably make you chuckle.

I've gone through the videos and ranked my favorites this way, with an emphasis on current NFC West players:

  • First choice: Ryan Longwell explains how Hasselbeck hoodwinked Mike Sherman into running a fake field goal.

  • Second choice: Bennett, now with the Rams, finished second to a 12-pack of Pepsi during an autograph session during his rookie year with the Titans.

  • Third choice: Niners kicker Joe Nedney was a rookie with the Packers when he nearly flew through the windshield on the team bus.

  • Fourth choice: Tony Wragge agrees to take a job with the 49ers, only to realize he was scheduled to work at Home Depot that day.

  • Fifth choice: Kurt Warner reflects on going from the supermarket to the Super Bowl.

Fred Smoot's story about a rookie hazing experience lacks ties to the NFC West, but it was pretty funny -- for us, not for him.

Full list by team: 49ers, Cardinals, Rams, Seahawks. Brian Jennings' video in the 49ers' section was funny, too, but for some reason I couldn't get a direct link to work.