Rolle says he's not feeling IRS heat

MIAMI -- The Pro Bowl marked a homecoming for Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle, who grew up in South Florida and played at the University of Miami.

Rolle presumably enjoyed the experience, minus a Forbes report suggesting he might owe millions in back taxes and penalties.

"I know who brought that up and why they brought it up, just trying to slander my name and throw it out there," Rolle said following the Pro Bowl game Sunday night. "But I am a professional and I'm not going to stoop to anyone's level. I am going to let it be. I'm done answering questions about that one, boss."

Rolle declined to say who he thought was behind the story. He said his tax situation isn't nearly as bad as the source or sources made it seem.

"I'm not even worried about that," Rolle said. "That is not accurate at all. That was over two years ago. It was just a misunderstanding within the taxes. My taxes, obviously I state all my taxes. The Cardinals have to state it. Whoever said that is an idiot. It was something I had to take care of. I was taking less percentage out of my taxes, so at that point I had to pay more back. But everything is under control right now. Everything is being taken care of."