If walls could speak (and they can)

DAVIE, Fla. -- The NFL has relocated the Saints' first media session of Super Bowl week to the Dolphins' headquarters.

We're sitting in a meeting room with slogans painted on the walls.

"NO NEGATIVE PLAYS" reads one heading, with mental errors, penalties, sacks and turnovers listed below.

"PROTECT THE BALL!" screams another.

"Know and know you know!" says another.

"We never know who we are until we are called to rise!" another proclaims.

The front of the room features the words "Miami Dolphins" with "smart, tough, disciplined" underneath.

The 49ers hold news conferences in a defensive meeting room featuring the same sorts of slogans.

I wonder how much they help.

Saints coach Sean Payton is scheduled to speak in this room first, followed by quarterback Drew Brees. Come Sunday, they will presumably try to avoid negative plays while protecting the ball and knowing that they know what they know, you know.