Calling all reasonable trade scenarios

Kevin from Phoenix writes: How likely would it be for the Cardinals to make a player-for-player trade using Anquan Boldin? Let's say the Broncos have traded Brandon Marshall, creating a need at receiver. The Cardinals could then trade Boldin to Denver for Elvis Dumervil, who is also under contract for only one more season. Is this feasible? The player contracts are the biggest hurdle in this situation. Both players only have one season remaining on their deals, and both teams would like some sort of guarantee to sign long-term contracts. If this scenario panned out, do you think it would be possible for the Cardinals to trade their second-round pick to San Diego for the other Cromartie (Antonio)?

Mike Sando: Player-for-player trades become easier without a salary cap because there could be no cap implications. I can't see the Broncos trading a top young pass-rusher for a receiver with some hard miles and recent physical breakdowns. That would be a great, great move for the Cardinals.

Deion Branch is the NFC West receiver I could see landing in Denver or New England, based on those teams' coaching staffs and their familiarity with Branch. Branch has a relatively high salary for 2010 and I'm not sure whether he would fit in the team's offense. If the Seahawks released Branch, the Patriots or Broncos could pick him up relatively cheaply and plug him into their offenses pretty seamlessly.

The Cardinals do need to consider trading Boldin if he has value. They also need to keep doing what they've been doing in recent years: drafting good players such as Beanie Wells and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

While we're talking about trades, this might be a good time to solicit some moves you think might make sense. They're fun to discuss and sometimes we can learn something when considering why certain deals might make sense or fail to add up.