What separates Manning from, say, Warner

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A quarterback with Kurt Warner's experience might qualify as a coach on the field.

Peyton Manning could probably use a whistle out there.

Warner's former Arizona teammate, Aaron Francisco, experienced the Manning difference after signing with the Colts.

"They are similar in a lot of ways because they are such great quarterbacks, they study a lot and they add such great leadership to the team on and off the field," Francisco said. "But I've just never seen anyone run practice the way Peyton Manning has."

Run practice? Isn't that for the real coaches?

"He is out there coaching the receivers, the running backs, the linemen, everything," Francisco said. "When I was hurt for six weeks with my ankle injury, I was watching the offensive side of practice that I really don't get to see when I'm in on defense. I've never seen nothing like it. I mean, the coaches are just standing on the side, not coaching, and he is doing all the coaching. It's crazy, but it's real awesome and I see why he is such a great quarterback."

Manning is a four-time MVP, but no one has considered him for coach of the year -- yet.