Craig, Haley, Kennedy and the Hall

Dan Brown of the San Jose Mercury News spoke with former 49ers offensive lineman Guy McIntyre regarding the Hall of Fame candidacies of Roger Craig and Charles Haley.

McIntyre backed both players strongly.

Sometimes it's helpful to speak with players' opponents.

Steve Wisniewski, the Raiders' retired eight-time Pro Bowl guard, helped out Wednesday when I asked him to contribute thoughts on Cortez Kennedy, another Hall of Fame finalist.

"I have already contributed to his sack total," Wisniewski joked.

Hall of Fame voting is Saturday, with results scheduled to be announced at 5 p.m. ET.

"Cortez was the most dominant interior lineman that we ever faced and certainly the very best against the run," Wisniewski said. "He had that ability to stop the run, to play with leverage, and have the quickness to hit the edge of an offensive guard and split the seams to put pressure on the quarterback."