Singletary: Shuffle remake 'kind of scary'

SB Shuffle Remix (2:32)

Behind the scenes of the 1985 Bears' new Super Bowl commercial (2:32)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Mike Singletary and some of his old 1985 Chicago Bears teammates are reenacting the Super Bowl Shuffle video.

"You are going to see a 30-second slot there during the Super Bowl," Singletary told the Joe Rose Show on WQAM radio in Miami. "It was pretty exciting getting all the guys back together."

Rose: Did they get you jumping around a lot in it?

Singletary: Oh Yes, it’s kind of scary.

Rose: Did you roll your eyes standing next to Jim McMahon?

Singletary: Rolled my eyes a lot. It’s a scary group of guys there.

Sportsradiointerviews.com has the partial transcript and audio link.

I thought Gary Fencik owned the most embarrassing performance from the original production, just because nothing about his delivery suggested he was actually a tough, hard-hitting safety.