Sorry, Big Walt, not falling for it

MIAMI -- Left tackle Walter Jones was near his peak for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl four years ago, controlling everyone the Steelers sent his way.

Jones will have a hard time recapturing that level of dominance as he fights back from knee surgery, but his sense of humor is apparently still intact.

Tweets the player teammates call Big Walt: "I have came to the concussion it is time for me to retire from football."


This appears to be the latest episode of Jones joking around about his retirement on Twitter. He might be finished, but there's no reason for him to retire at this point. His salary is $7.3 million for 2010.

It's tough to envision the Seahawks paying him that much given Jones' age and injury situation, but it's also tough to envision Jones signaling his retirement via Twitter on Super Bowl Sunday.

Jones has said in the past he wouldn't use Twitter to make such an announcement.

Update: Jones' Twitter account now says he meant to type conclusion, but a spellchecker changed it to concussion. In September, he teased fans by suggesting a decision was looming, only to follow up by saying he decided to see a certain movie with his kids. He then asked what people were thinking when they thought he was announcing his retirement, noting that he would not do such a thing on Twitter.