Mailbag: Super Bowl predictions and more

Filed while flying across the Idaho-Washington border on the way back from Super Bowl XLIV ...

Mike from Lake Charles, La., writes: Hey Mike, I was wondering which QB you "trust more" now? To make that statement (and your Super Bowl pick) based on that criteria, you were oblivious to what actually happened during the course of the entire season. Brees set an all-time NFL passer completion % record, Saints scored the most points, Brees had more touchdown passes and less interceptions than Manning, all the while playing tougher competition. Your prediction seems SILLY now. What do you think about that?

Mike Sando: I think you should have sent me this before the game. Hindsight is easy! No doubt, though, the Saints played great. I was most impressed with the fact that every coaching move they made seemed to pay off or at least not backfire. Peyton Manning had seven fourth-quarter comeback victories during the regular season while going 14-0 in the games the Colts tried to win. That was more impressive than what Drew Brees did, in my view, and the vast majority of MVP voters agreed.

Jimmy from Toronto writes: Why do you lead with negative slander? You should consider what legacy you will leave as a journalist. Why is a retired coach being criticized for stating his opinion.You are not even stating an opinion. You are writing articles about other people's opinions, which is the lowest form of reporting (not journalism). How about you write an article about the great things Dungy has done? I also urge you to try to measure up to his greatness; at least try.

Mike Sando: Whether Tony Dungy is great has nothing to do with the fact that he made a bold and unusual prediction before the game, and was spectacularly wrong. Writing what other people said about the matter is far from slander or the lowest form of anything. It's one angle among many following Super Bowl XLIV.

Doug from Cleveland writes: Manning proved again why he is the greatest big-game choker in NFL history. An MVP with a QB rating of less than 90 in the Super Bowl just does not cut it. OF course, six times one-and-done in the playoffs doesn't either!!! It's time all the media bobble heads stopped making excuses for him. Regarding Dungy, that also shows again he just has no clue. Remember his famous "no chance" comment regarding the Cowboys vs New Orleans and his playoff record is not exactly one to be really proud of.

Mike Sando: I'm not sure about Manning being bad in the clutch. He did have those seven fourth-quarter comeback victories during the regular season, an NFL record. And he did win a Super Bowl. And he has won quite a few playoff games. It is true, though, that his postseason performances have not measured up to his regular-season success. Could be because the opposition is tougher, too.

Nick from Waterloo, Iowa writes: Hey Mike, always been an avid reader. I have two questions. What do you think are the chance the 49ers have of signing Donte' Stallworth? I think with Coach Singletary at the helm, Donte will be well grounded, plus with Donte being from Sacramento, it will be a great local boost. Also, what is a futures contract in the NFL? I see it alot these days, but have no idea what it is.

Mike Sando: The 49ers are pretty strong at wide receiver. I see no need for them to pursue Stallworth. Just my opinion. On your second question, teams sign players to future contracts when they are putting together their 80-man rosters for the next season. Those players do not count against 53-man limits. Then, when the roster sizes expand to 80 players, these players come off what the league calls a "reserve/future" list. It's a reserve list, not an active list.

Edward from Tempe, Ariz., writes: Sando, it is obvious that the Cardinals need to make some changes (most notably a pass-rusher and linebackers) but what concerns me most is the lack of talent in the backfield. We have Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, but the rest of our DBs were picked on and pretty much torched the entire season. With the draft coming rather quickly, do you see the Cardinals possibly picking up a talented DB within the first 2-3 rounds of the draft or maybe in free-agency?

Mike Sando: Antrel Rolle's situation is another factor. He could be finished in Arizona, depending on whether the team can work out a new contract with him. Three-fourths of the starting secondary did get named to the Pro Bowl (Rodgers-Cromartie, Adrian Wilson and Rolle). I think they need to upgrade the pass rush primarily. That will help out the Cardinals on the back end.

Josh from Richmond, Calif., writes: I keep hearing (and reading) rumors about Reggie Bush possibly landing with the 49ers or Seahawks. Is this a real possibility, or just wishful thinking? Why would Bush leave New Orleans anyway?

Mike Sando: Bush has an $8 million salary in 2010. The question is whether the Saints will pay that salary to him. If they cut him, he could become available. If Bush hits the market, I do think the Seahawks would have interest. They don't have great talent at running back, and Pete Carroll coached Bush at USC. Bush is also only 24 years old (though he has had serious knee surgery). Seems to me the Saints should find a way to keep him.