Quick look at free-agent picture

The NFL Players Association made available its free-agent lists during its annual news conference at the Super Bowl.

I've gone through the list and broken it down by team and by position, making adjustments for players such as 49ers linebacker Jeff Ulbrich and Cardinals defensive end Bertrand Berry, free agents who have retired. I also reclassified Seattle's Kevin Houser and Jeff Robinson from tight ends, their listed positions, to specialists (both are snappers).

The Cardinals have 13 potential unrestricted free agents, trailing only the Texans, who have 14. The potential for turnover in Arizona climbs when we factor for the retirements of Berry and quarterback Kurt Warner.

Across the division, the list of potential free agents includes quite a few older players with uncertain futures: Chike Okeafor in Arizona, Justin Griffith in Seattle, Dre' Bly in San Francisco and a few in St. Louis (Randy McMichael, James Hall, Leonard Little).

I would expect some of these players to drift away and out of the league. It's time, in some cases, for teams to move on.

NFC West: Free agency by position