Hot Topic: Cards more talented than Eagles?

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Eagles have a set a high standard in the NFC during Andy Reid's tenure as head coach. They've shown a few cracks in the foundation this season and it's fair to question their long-term prognosis given potential changes at quarterback and beyond for 2009.

The Cardinals have set a low standard until recently. They view themselves as an up-and-coming franchise. Their record this season suggests Arizona is finally headed in the right direction. The Cardinals also have potential long-term concerns at quarterback and elsewhere.

Which team has the brighter future? Which has the more talented starting lineups? I'll be looking at those questions as part of an analysis Wednesday.

A week ago, your input helped shape our look at the Giants and Cardinals. I might put together one-deep rosters for offense and defense based on Cardinals and Eagles players.

Kurt Warner would be the quarterback. Brian Westbrook would be the running back. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin would be the receivers. Most of the choices appear pretty straightforward, but I'm sure we can have fun and learn a little considering the options.

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