Mailbag: Thoughts on acquiring QBs

Tim from Springfield, Mo., writes: The Rams need a quarterback. What are the chances of them making a move for Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn? Is that an option and, if so, is that the right move?

Mike Sando: It is possible the Rams will trade or release one or more of their current quarterbacks. It's not like either is the franchise in Cleveland. But if Mike Holmgren were willing to part with one of those players, that might tell us about how that quarterback might fit with the Rams. The Browns under Holmgren will be installing an offense similar to the one the Rams are running.

Chris from North Hollywood, Calif., writes: I am expecting Matt Leinart to find some success this year and I think in an odd way Pete Carroll now coaching in the division will motivate him even more. My concern is the defense. Do the Cardinals have enough talent ready to play now and by that I mean, can we be a top ten defense in 2010?

Mike Sando: No, I don't think the Cardinals are going to have a defense ranked that high. Their offense will not be as good, putting more pressure on the defense unless Arizona's running game allows the Cardinals to control the clock a little more. The talent on defense figures to erode. Bertrand Berry has retired, Chike Okeafor appears near the end, Karlos Dansby could be leaving and Antrel Rolle's future with the team is in question. And it's not like the Cardinals can count on Bryan Robinson to play the nose forever.

Jay from Livermore, Calif., writes: Mike, thanks for the great blog. I've read some rumors that the 49ers might go after free agent Kevin Walter or another top receiver. Do you think there is any truth to this and do you think the 49ers are close enough to make a play for a big name free agent.

Mike Sando: Thanks, Jay. The 49ers seem to already have a pretty solid group of receivers when we factor for what tight end Vernon Davis provides in the passing game. I just don't see receiver as a huge need unless we're talking about a quick, shifty, situational guy with ability as a return specialist. Walter would not fit that mold. Sure, the 49ers could always sign him or another receiver. It just doesn't seem like it should be a priority.

Scott from Washington, D.C., writes: Mike, with Barry Sims' surprisingly stalwart play this season following Staley's injury, should the Niners look to see if he can be the solution at right tackle?

Mike Sando: I think the 49ers want more in the running game than what Sims provides. Sims looks like a valuable backup and swing tackle, but not a guy you plug in as the starter for the long term.

Chris from Seattle writes: Hey, Mike, love the work you do. I just wanted to know what you think the Seahawks are going to do in free angency this offseason. I hear that Reggie Bush is an option if he does become available. What do you think of this possibility? Also, I just want to know what you think they should do in the draft? They have a lot of holes and I don't know where they should start. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Mike Sando: Thanks for the support, Chris. Seems to me the Seahawks need to upgrade their offensive line, get bigger at cornerback, help their pass rush, plan for life after Matt Hasselbeck and find people to score touchdowns. They have many needs, in other words, and only so many draft choices to fill them. I think offensive tackle has to be a consideration early in the draft.

Bush would be a situational player. Generally this is where I would say the price would need to be right, but life changes in an uncapped season. Would the Seahawks, backed by a billionaire owner, spend more freely to help arm Pete Carroll with the talent he wants? Probably, but by how much? I don't know the answer to that question, but I do know the Seahawks were OK paying more than $10 million to Jim Mora for not coaching.

This team has new leadership. The league has new rules. Good luck guessing how things will play out, particularly this early in the game.