NFL trade market could be fascinating

The NFL trade market could be much more exciting without a salary cap to spoil the fun.

In the past, cap considerations made it easy to rule out the vast majority of trades involving significant players.

But when a Patriots fan recently asked ESPNBoston.com's Mike Reiss about New England possible reacquiring Deion Branch from Seattle, Reiss proposed a Branch-for-Adalius Thomas trade.

And why not? The NFL salary cap becomes history if the NFL and its players do not have a new collective bargaining agreement by March 5.

My mission for the rest of the day involves putting together an item for Wednesday proposing four reasonable trades -- one to help each NFC West team in 2010.

Give me your ideas. I like the Branch-for-Thomas move, which might arm Seahawks coach Pete Carroll with the "elephant" linebacker he needs for his defense (Willie McGinest played the role for Carroll in New England).

Surely we can come up with at least one move that would help every team in this division. And I'm sure Anquan Boldin will be part of this conversation.