Can't blame Hasselbeck for this mess

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

We might be seeing Matt Hasselbeck's revival as the Seahawks play out the final five games of their 2008 schedule. His team trails the Cowboys at halftime, 24-6, but Hasselbeck might be playing as well as he has all season. He's far better than he was over the last two games.

Hasselbeck has completed 11 of 16 passes (69 percent) for 170 yards and a 103.6 rating. The Cowboys have sacked him five times.

DeMarcus Ware beat Walter Jones for two of those sacks. The Cowboys also exploited Steve Vallos, making his first start at center, and rookie tight end John Carlson for first-half sacks. The other sack, on a delayed blitz up the middle, might have been scheme-related unless one of the linemen or fullback Leonard Weaver was supposed to account for Bradie James.

Hasselbeck wasn't responsible for any of those sacks. He has thrown the ball crisply, accurately and with authority. Koren Robinson dropped one pass on third down to kill a drive. Julius Jones lost a fumble to kill another drive. Left guard Floyd Womack committed a false-start penalty to hamper another drive just as Seattle was nearing the red zone.

The Seahawks can't blame their quarterback for their problems in what is likely to become their fifth consecutive defeat.