Seahawks' Burleson headed to market

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Seahawks' decision to name kicker Olindo Mare their franchise player means they won't be using the tag for anyone else.


BurlesonTeams can name one franchise player and one transition player, or two transition players, under the current labor arrangement.

The Seahawks appear likely to let receiver Nate Burleson become a free agent. Using the franchise tag for Burleson would have cost more than $9 million on a one-year deal, with that money being guaranteed once Burleson signed the offer.

The contract fellow receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh signed last offseason included a guaranteed $7 million salary in 2010.

Guaranteeing more than $16 million in salary for those receivers -- with Deion Branch set to earn more than $5 million if he stays with the team under his current deal -- was more than the Seahawks appeared willing to allocate.

If Burleson can get $8 million or $9 million as a free agent, good for him.