Tebow takes turn, with Holmgren on deck

INDIANAPOLIS -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow just finished holding court with a large group of reporters at the NFL combine.

Once the session ended, Tebow picked up digital recorders from the podium and handed them to their owners in the media.

It was good form, but not the kind of good form NFL teams care about. Tebow has adjusted his throwing delivery to appease NFL personnel people, but like most of the top quarterbacks, he won't be throwing at the combine.

That struck me as ridiculous even though it's typical.

Consider: The most effective quarterback in college football might not be a good fit for the NFL. Said quarterback expresses strong determination to prove himself, then passes up a chance to demonstrate the one skill every good quarterback must possess -- an ability to throw the football -- to every coach and scout in the league.

Former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren is scheduled to address reporters here shortly. Back in a bit with thoughts on his comments.