Support for Suh as best prospect

Potential No. 1 overall choice Ndamukong Suh reportedly posted a 35.5-inch vertical jump at the combine.

NFL personnel people generally use terms such as "anchor" when describing what they want from interior defensive linemen, but the type of athleticism Suh showed is pretty striking for such a large man.

Consider: Running back Chris Johnson posted a 35-inch vertical at the combine two years ago.

The Rams do not yet appear to be leaning one way or another with that first overall choice, but if Suh was widely regarded as the best player when the college season ended, what has changed? Nothing, Rob Rang insists.

What could change? Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford could answer questions about his injured shoulder during pro day workouts. We've also heard increasing support for Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. A general manager, whose team does not hold a top-five selection, told me he thought McCoy was easily the best prospect.