Clearly not enough stuff on Tebow

Sensing an obvious shortage of Tim Tebow-related coverage on the site recently, I wanted to pass along this analysis from former Cardinals and Rams safety Corey Chavous, courtesy of his appearance on XTRA910 radio in Phoenix:

"With Tebow, the throwing motion, he had to change it. Go back to the Georgia game this year, ball got stripped from behind and that is because of where he brings the ball from. Brings it down below his waist, not even at his waist, and that allows him to get some torque, but that delivery will let safeties jump all over him in the middle of the field.

"I think he has got a strong enough arm. The best thing he does is throw the deep ball. He throws that with touch and accuracy. That is the hard part. He has got that down. He has the arm strength to throw intermediate passes. He has to speed up his clock mentally. When you watch him on tape, there are too many passing windows that are open that he does not necessarily see right away. It takes him a little bit longer. To me, that is why he got hurt at Kentucky. They were in a man-zone blitz concept. On the man side, he sees the route open up, but he holds it. The line has a problem on the side. They are not coming with pressure on and he gets knocked out. That is how he ended up getting a concussion, holding the ball too long. He is going to have to speed up his clock mentally."

Veteran safeties are often good resources on quarterbacks because they study them so closely. You can now go back to not thinking about Tim Tebow.