Ridiculous Hall of Fame candidates list

Orlando Pace's release from the Bears and possible retirement sets up a potentially star-studded Hall of Fame ballot in 2015.

Quite a few of those eligible for the first time could have strong NFC West ties.

Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Pace, Walter Jones and Edgerrin James all could be eligible that year for the first time if 2009 was their last season. Another name to consider: Junior Seau. And let's not forget about Brett Favre, if he retires.

We have seen highly productive wide receivers wait for enshrinement. Jones, Pace and Warner would probably have the best chance among the NFC West crop, but it's difficult to know how these Hall of Fame discussions might play out. I was a voter this year for the first time and can say minds change within that room based on the research presented and the discussions that ensue.