More crushing hits on Bulger

The trashing of Marc Bulger has become sport, apparently.

"It's a sad deal because the guy can wing the football," D'Marco Farr said Tuesday night in his first sack since retiring from the Rams after the 2000 season. "I mean the guy can flat play. But it's just -- he has absolutely zero presence. Kyle Boller had a bigger presence than Marc Bulger did last season, and Kyle Boller is not half the player Marc Bulger is."

I think we get the point. Bulger is not a dynamic leader. Not his style. He can be a good player on a good team, but he isn't going to carry a franchise or inspire teammates.

We all know the Rams have gone downhill quickly in recent seasons. I would say the Rams have dragged down Bulger more than Bulger has dragged down the Rams.

Not that it matters much at this point. The Rams will surely release Bulger at some point this offseason. The move will not make them any better, though.