Holmgren works overtime to argue, to no avail

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

SEATTLE -- Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren stayed on the field during part of halftime to argue his case following a potential Patriots fumble with 1 second remaining.

The Seahawks thought Patriots receiver Jabar Gaffney fumbled on the final play of the half. Officials ruled Gaffney down by contact. Had this been a fumble, Seahawks safety Brian Russell would have recovered somewhere near the New England 45.

I'm not sure if Holmgren was arguing the initial ruling or the fact that the replay official failed to challenge the play, or both. I do know this: Referee Carl Cheffers, reversed seven times in 12 coach-initiated replay challenges this season, has faced zero booth-initiated challenges in the final 2 minutes of halves. Three other referees have faced 10 such challenges this season.