What happened to a promising wideout

Some people probably owe apologies to former Seahawks receive Courtney Taylor. It wasn't entirely his fault when he went from promising wideout on the verge of breaking out to underachiever.

Taylor, released by Seattle before last season, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year earlier. The diagnosis wasn't publicized. Taylor's struggles appeared a bit puzzling after people inside and outside the organization singled him out as a player with a bright future.

"The first sign was an eye twitch, which made it hard to track the ball, which made it hard to catch the ball, and if you know Taylor, you know catching the ball had never been a problem for him," Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News recently wrote.

Scarbinsky suggested Taylor struggled while adjusting to medication, the implication being that Taylor was again ready to resume his career. No one has signed Taylor, who had a tryout with the Patriots in September, and it's possible teams won't want to take a chance on a player with his condition. Taylor does make monthly trips to the University of Washington for treatment, Scarbinsky notes. But Taylor said doctors caught the condition early enough for Taylor to enjoy a mostly normal life.

I was traveling when Taylor went public with his condition, but it was something I wanted to revisit. Perhaps he'll get another chance. He is still only 25 years old.