QB market: Cardinals over Seahawks

The Cardinals and Seahawks sought veteran quarterbacks with upside this offseason.

Both teams met with Charlie Whitehurst and Derek Anderson.

Arizona landed Anderson, 26, with a two-year deal worth more than $7 million. Seattle landed Whitehurst, 27, with a two-year deal worth $10 million, plus the equivalent of 2010 draft choice late in the second round.

Anderson has one Pro Bowl season and, more recently, two mediocre seasons on his resume. Whitehurst has nothing on his resume. He might be great. He might be good. He might be average. He might be poor. He might be Dan McGwire.

The money and draft capital Seattle invested in Whitehurst makes him the logical starter for 2011, if not sooner. And if Whitehurst flops, this move will be one the Seahawks' new management team hears plenty about.

The Chargers must be thrilled to get significant value for a third-string quarterback with no credentials.

The Seahawks can still come out OK in the end, but the Cardinals and Chargers look better right now.