Why caution beats jumping the gun

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The 49ers' offense was surging less than three months ago. While the pace was improbable, the accolades flowed. Mike Martz and J.T. O'Sullivan had brought excitement back to the 49ers' offense. Happy days were there again.

Just as Bill Walsh had seen something in Joe Montana, Martz had seen something in O'Sullivan, who was emerging as a legitimate NFL starter. The team was celebrating its most lopsided victory in years. Martz and O'Sullivan were the Redeem Team. O'Sullivan was comfortable and confident in the offense, while Martz was a genius. The team had reason to fear the coordinator and quarterback might bolt as free agents. Was the franchise tag an option?

These are things to keep in mind when contemplating how quickly the 49ers should declare Shaun Hill the starting quarterback for 2009. Hill's success does seem far more sustainable than what O'Sullivan built while winning two of his first three starts. But there is no need to rush.