GM profiling: Baalke's draft history

Scot McCloughan remains the 49ers' general manager in title, but his top personnel lieutenant, Trent Baalke, is expected to run the draft room this year.

That makes sense. McCloughan appears on his way out and it's unrealistic to bring in someone from the outside before the draft, which begins April 22. Baalke, as director of player personnel, ranks second to McCloughan in the 49ers' scouting department. He's the natural choice to head up the draft room this year.

That doesn't necessarily mean Baalke will be the primary decision maker. Coach Mike Singletary will play a role. President Jed York and executive vice president Paraag Marathe will presumably be involved. But I still wanted know about Baalke's background in personnel, leading to the latest item in my "GM profiling" series.

I've put together a chart showing how many players Baalke's teams have drafted by position and round. Another chart breaks out his teams' first-round choices. This file shows all 92 players his teams have drafted, breaking down the information from multiple angles. Baalke didn't necessarily directly influence or even agree with each of these decisions, but the information can still provide some perspective.

Baalke has been with the Jets (1998-2000), Redskins (2001-2004) and 49ers (2005-present). A few observations:

  • Each of his teams has selected a quarterback in the first round (Chad Pennington, Patrick Ramsey and Alex Smith).

  • Five of the seven players his teams have drafted among the first 13 overall choices have appeared in at least one Pro Bowl.

  • None of his teams has selected a linebacker in the second through fourth rounds.

  • His teams have never drafted a running back in the first round.

  • His teams have never drafted quarterbacks in the second, third or sixth rounds.

  • His teams have never drafted a punter or kicker.

  • His teams have drafted 17 offensive linemen, but only one -- Joe Staley -- in the first round.

Draft profile: Baalke's teams by round

First-round picks: Baalke's teams

Note: This item was updated to reflect information from the 2008 and 2009 drafts. The overall trends held. Thanks to KenAdamsJr for noticing.