Carroll: Tebow should be first-rounder

Count the Seahawks among NFL teams hoping to meet with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow before the draft.

TebowTebowPete Carroll, the Seahawks' new coach, recruited Tebow and recalled his disappointment upon seeing a Gator on the mailbox outside Tebow's home.

"The plan is for him to come to us," Carroll told reporters Wednesday at the NFL owners meetings, alluding to a predraft meeting with the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner. "We have to get it worked up. He has a busy schedule."

The Seahawks have already acquired Charlie Whitehurst with plans to develop him behind Matt Hasselbeck. That doesn't prevent Seattle from drafting a quarterback. I could see the Seahawks trading back from the sixth or 14th spot and recouping picks in the range where Tebow might become a more realistic option for teams.

Carroll could be blowing smoke, of course, but he said he thought Tebow would be a first-round selection.

"I can’t believe a quarterback of his stature won’t be," Carroll said. "I know there is a lot of talk otherwise, but he has time and he's showing what he can do. I think his value is going to grow because of who he is. As people get to know him, you’re going to find that he is an incredible guy. He had one of the most amazing interviews, which you guys will all figure out here in time, that you could ever go through. Because he’s just so sharp and so bright, and so together."

The primary question regarding Tebow seems to be whether he can refine his throwing mechanics, and whether any changes he might make would hold up under pressure.

More Carroll on Tebow: "Tim is going to develop. He's a great competitor. He's maybe the best competitive guy that we've seen in years and years and years. He’ll compete at this as well. He’s not going to be status quo. He’s going to do everything he needs to do to get stuff right. It worked beautifully for him at Florida, but the league is calling for him to clean up his motion, his delivery, and he’s doing just that. A lot of quarterback gurus will say, 'You can’t do that immediately, it’s going to take a while.' It's going to take him getting into the competitive environment and bring his technique and stuff into play. That is the thing everyone will have to see. But knowing who he is and what he’s all about, he’s going to get that done. I don’t think anything is going to stop him. I think he’s a great prospect, a very, very exciting kid in this draft. ... I think by the time the process is over, people are going to want him on the football team across the board. He brings too many qualities that are too rare, and that are too perfectly situated. He brings it all."