What to know about McNabb

Rams general manager Billy Devaney isn't afraid to shoot down rumors. He did that Wednesday when asked whether the Rams were moving to acquire quarterback Donovan McNabb from the Eagles.

McNabbMcNabbComing out of the 2009 season, I felt the Eagles wouldn't trade McNabb because he gave them their best chance to win in 2010. My opinion is changing.

It now appears as though the Eagles are interested in trading McNabb or at least determining what he might command in return. Hence, the rumors. The Seahawks were previously rumored as having shown interest in McNabb. Seattle then went out and acquired Charlie Whitehurst without pursuing McNabb.

In both cases, the McNabb rumors benefited the Eagles by creating the impression that a strong market might exist for McNabb.

The timing wouldn't be right for the Rams even if they were interested in McNabb. They'll be attending Sam Bradford's pro day before deciding how to proceed at the position. Acquiring McNabb for an early draft choice before fully investigating Bradford would count as a move made out of sequence.

The Rams hold cards here. They've got the top overall choice. They can draft Bradford. If the Rams did not think Bradford was a good value, or if they were having trouble negotiating with him before the draft, then it might make sense to engage the Eagles in discussions about McNabb, who knows the Rams' offense and would provide them with a needed identity.

McNabb is entering the final year of his contract, however, and that could complicate trade efforts. The Rams would not give up an early draft choice for a player in the final year of his deal. Extending McNabb's contract would require McNabb's cooperation. Would he really want to continue his career with a rebuilding team such as the Rams?

The 49ers might make more sense as a potential suitor even though I've heard nothing to suggest San Francisco would make such a move. The 49ers would be more appealing to McNabb because they're closer to contending. I also think McNabb's personality and leadership would give the 49ers something they cannot get from Alex Smith or David Carr. That's just me, though. I haven't heard anything suggesting the 49ers are thinking along those lines.

Update: 49ers pro personnel director Tom Gamble was with the Eagles from 1988 to 1994, not a decade later, when the team drafted McNabb.